Crochet Freeform Motif #Tutorial 10

Crochet Freeform Motif

In the lesson, crochet of the base motifs for scrumble of the freeform is considered. As a rule, in the technique of crocheting freeforms, a flat element serves as the basis, and additional elements are imposed on this basis.

Yarn for the motive of the Angora: 60% acrylic, 40% mohair, a footage of 500 meters in 100 grams. Hook 2 mm or 2.5 mm. To begin such base motif from the flat round element then we crochet trim made of different tall stitches. The round element is made of one color of yarn and for trim, we use other color of yarn for more prettier look or you can make such motif of one color of yarn. In the video bellow you will see how to crochet motif made of 4 rounds only with 2 rounds trims.